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Our Trading & Risk Management Process

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Our trading and risk management process is based on intermediate to longer-term price based technical and trend analysis, focused on reactive, not predictive, trend following and price analysis.


We do not focus on news, fundamental analysis, predictions or opinions – only price. Our time frame is intermediate to longer-term in nature, looking to capture multi-month to multi-year major price trends. We seek to identify uptrends and downtrends, with an objective to participate in the uptrends while avoiding the downtrends.


Our publication is ideal for intermediate to longer-term traders and investors who want to participate in major price trends, and as a key risk management tool.


Subscribers include position traders, long-term investors, institutional money managers, portfolio managers, investment advisors, financial advisors, financial journalists and serious market participants interested in a clear, objective and comprehensive, technical and trend overview of major markets and stocks.