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Private Twitter

  • Exclusive access to Stock Chart Art’s Premium Twitter feed, with market coverage starting at 9:30am
  • Real-Time email & text notifications
  • Live Twitter updates of all trading account activity, both buys and sells with stop loss levels and position sizing.
  • Daily stock charts posted with analysis. Charts will be posted daily with a detailed breakdown of why we are buying a stock.
  • Pre & Post Market-Watchlists – Watchlists of stocks that are poised to breakout and make big runs. These Watchlists will be posted pre-market and after the markets close. This is so we keep a close eye on the stocks we want to trade and have our pulse on the market.
  • Weekly Sector reports. This will include the strongest RS rated stocks from the strongest sectors.
  • Educational trading materials to make you an expert at technical analysis.
  • 1 on 1 support during market hours and after.

Stock Trading Room

  • Exclusive access to our private discord trading room
  • Full access to all of the perks from private Twitter Feed
  • Live voice trading
  • Like minded trading community that offers support and trade ideas.
  • 1 on 1 weekly coaching
  • 24/7 Support. I am hands on with my clients, it is my goal to make you a profitable and successful trader. 

Price Plans

Private Twitter Feed

$69// Month

Real-Time Alerts
Daily Stock Charts with analysis
Real-Time Alerts
Pre & Post-Market Watchlists
1 0n 1 support
Weekly sector report

Live Trading Room

$129// Month

Full Access To Our Live Trading Room
Full Access To Our Private Twitter
Real-Time Alerts
Live Voice Trading
Pre & Post Market Watchlists
1 on 1 Coaching